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Free Download Haq Se Web Series All Episodes In Hindi 720p HD

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Title: Haq Se Web Series
Genres: Drama
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 2 February 2018
Quality: 720p WEB-DL [x264 + x265] Format: MKV
Size: Approx. 150-MB

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Four blood-bound sisters with four passionate dreams, all yearning for one thing: fulfilment. This is a modern-day story of dreams, desires, love, war and the eternal pursuit of happiness, set against the breathtaking beauty and unsettling unrest of Kashmir. Life changed for Meher, Jannat, Bano, and Amal when their father’s medicine factory was burnt in a riot. Their father was forced to leave for Siachen as an Army’s doctor to cater to his family’s needs. With military, political, and religious tension mounting by the moment, these girls are fighting hard to keep their passions alive.


Haq Se Web Series Free Download and This is an Indian Hindi web series, produced by Viraj Kapur and Karan Raj Kohli for Ekta Kapoor’s video on demand platform ALTBalaji. The series stars Rajeev Khandelwal and Surveen Chawla and Parul Gulati . The series is available for streaming on the ALT Balaji App and its associated websites since its release date.


  • Parul Gulati as Jannat Mirza (Jo)
  • Surveen Chawla as Dr. Meher Mirza (Meg)
  • Rajeev Khandelwal as Dr. Naushad Rizvi
  • Aanchal Sharma as Bahira Mirza (Beth)
  • Nikessha Rangwala as Amal Mirza (Amy)
  • Rukhsar Rehman as Rabiyah Mirza (Margaret March)
  • Simone Singh as Fatima Khala (Aunt Josephine March)
  • Pavail Gulati as Tabish Azad/Azi (Theodore “Laurie” Laurence)
  • Karanvir Sharma as Raghu Thapar
  • Ravi Khemu as Hashim Mirza

All Episodes List and Synopsis

All Episodes List and Synopsis

Haq Se Episode 1 – The Mirza Girls
More than just beauty, life and reality of Kashmir will reveal itself through the eyes of the Mirza sisters, Meher, Jannat, Bahira, and Amal. Haq Se Alt Balaji All Episodes At a wedding function, the familial bonds of the Mirzas are put to test when Aunt Fatima becomes the subject of gossip and discussions. Love not only hurts but also insults.

Haq Se Episode 2 – The Imperfect Affair
Someone’s love is everyone’s trouble. The Mirza family is castigated for the actions of Fatima. This outrages Jannat. Taabish Azad unwittingly plants a dangerous idea in her head to answer back. At the job interview, Meher has an unpleasant encounter with Dr. Naushad Rizvi, who questions the Mirza family’s morals. The trying times have just begun.

Haq Se Episode 3 – Blogs for Dogs
Jannat Mirza’s blog and Amal Mirza’s photographs become a cause for concern for the Mirza Family. Haq Se Full Episodes In a complicated entanglement of politics and love, Fatima risks facing dejection. Jannat’s blogpost creates waves in the valley. How will she justify her writings? Meanwhile, Meher hears some unsavoury tales about Dr. Naushad Rizvi.

Haq Se Episode 4 – Jashn!
After committing a mistake, Meher contemplates quitting her job at the Rizvi hospital. It’s Taabish’s birthday and time to party. The party becomes a platform for Bahira’s band Jashn to give their first ever public performance. Taabish tries to express his love and Meher spends the evening morose and deep in thought. What will happen when another unexpected guest arrives at the party?

Haq Se Episode 5 – Gone Viral
At the party, a drunk Meher bumps into Dr. Naushad Rizvi and unknowingly reveals almost all that ails her. Bahira Mirza’s musical performance goes viral all over the internet. It not only creates ripples in Kahsmir but in the whole country. Mirza family couldn’t be any prouder of her. Haq Se Tv Series Download by There is another side to Dr. Naushad Rizvi, Meher finds out.

Haq Se Episode 6 – Fans & Fanatics
Most find music soothing, but some find it infuriating. As Bahira begins to discover herself through her soulful music, along the way her band Jashn gains not just fans but also few fanatics. Soon the whole family will find themselves in the center of this new turmoil. Will new rumours at the hospital bring Meher and Dr. Naushad closer?

Haq Se Episode 7 – Stuck between Heaven and Hell
Bahira Mirza is nervous yet looks forward to Jashn’s first ever charity concert. But what doesn’t begin well can never end well. Bahira and her band members are forced off the stage even before they begin. In a mad scramble the Mirza sisters fear losing their sister. Meanwhile, Aunt Fatima is forced to choose between her family and love.

Haq Se Episode 8 – Main Kashmir Hoon
Just when things were starting to look positive between Meher and Naushad, their present and past becomes a cause of friction between the two. The identity of Jannat Mirza’s blog comes to light. Could Salman Baig be behind it? How long can Jannat Mirza continue to write? The family will bond closer and stronger.

Haq Se Episode 9 – Conflict Zones
Kashmir is not ready for Jannat Mirza’s fiery pen as she is forced to pay a heavy price for her aggressive blogposts. Dr. Naushad Rizvi is devastated to see his daughter, Alia, taken seriously ill. Meher attends to Alia and extends much needed support to Naushad. Haq Se Web Series Download 720p But despite this, why does the wall between the two remain unbroken? Meanwhile, there is a new guest in town.

Haq Se Episode 10 – Of Hope and Fatwas
Jannat is awestruck with the new guest. This doesn’t go down well with Taabish. Bahira’s life is more and more in danger even as her band Jashn is gaining more popularity. Meher is forced to take a much closer look at the complications of her own personal life. Will this create more distance between Naushad and Meher or bring them closer?

Haq Se Episode 11 – SURGICAL STRIKE
Despite the threat of Fatwa looming over Bano, Raghu continues to film his documentary. Jannat and Raghu schedule an interview meeting with the staunch Islamic leader Mohammad Altaaf. What will Mohammad Altaaf reveal? Will it be worth risking their lives? Meanwhile, Dr. Naushad Rizvi invites Meher to his home.

Haq Se Episode 12 – Accidental Coincidences
A new relationship is developing between Raghu and Jannat. But the bond between the four sisters seems to be breaking apart. The fear, jealousy, and complications of life are taking a toll on everyone. An unfortunate development about their father’s whereabouts doesn’t help either.

Haq Se Episode 13 – Waqt-e-Sehar
It’s the beginning of holy Ramzan, along with everything good and pure that comes with it. The Mirzas gather with their friends and family for a grand Iftar. The gathering is witness to jovial conversations as well as intense emotions. Fatima realizes and embraces a new definition of love, and Meher develops new feelings for Dr. Naushad. But Tabish and Jannat’s friendship risks falling apart.

Haq Se Episode 14 – Too close for comfort
The events at the Iftar gathering have left many with a bruised heart. Raghu is accused of committing a heinous act by Amal, and Jannat is torn between the two. What is the truth and who is a liar? Meher and Naushad discover each other and open their hearts just a little. But will Meher’s past also open her old wounds?

Haq Se Episode 15 – Straight to Hell
Jannat tries to sort out the unfortunate aftermath of the Iftar party. She deeply cares for her sister Amal, but at the same time, doesn’t want to lose Raghu. Do Raghu and Jannat have any chance at a shared future? The more Meher tries to run away from her past the more it catches up with her. Not only her old wounds open, but it seems like she may be scarred forever.

Haq Se Episode 16 – Hide and Seek
Bruised and hurt, Meher is completely shattered. Her sisters try to be the much-needed pillars of support. But Jannat is not ready to back down. What will be the consequences when Jannat takes matters in her own hand? Even Naushad is hurt seeing Meher blatantly lie to him.

Haq Se Episode 17 – Aakhri Aafreen
These are trying times for the Mirza sisters. Lying seems to be the only way. But Aunt Fatima has her suspicions. She is determined to figure out the reason behind the sisters’ silence. Naushad sees Fatima’s mehndi ceremony as an opportunity to share his feelings with Meher. Will Naushad bring some new hope in Meher’s life?

Haq Se Episode 18 – Breathless
Favourite aunt of Mirza sisters, Aunt Fatima is getting married. Tabish finally confesses his love to Jannat but gets an unexpected reaction from her. On the other hand, Naushad only comes close to confessing his feelings to Meher. Many words remain unsaid as some shocking allegations captivate the guests at the wedding.

Haq Se Episode 19 – Alvida
As the turmoil in Kashmir rises, the fragile dreams of the Mirza sisters get caught up in the storm. But Bahira and Amal desperately hold onto their dreams close to their hearts. Will the Mirzas be able to separate their future from that of Kashmir’s?

Haq Se Episode 20 – End of the Beginning
Once upon a time there was life, full of desires and dreams. Now there is only a trace of what used to be. This is the real Kashmir. The beautiful valleys and picturesque mountains hides within them the deep sorrows of its people. It resides firmly in the hearts of Mirzas.

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Free Download Haq Se Web Series All Episodes In Hindi 720p HD

Free Download Haq Se Web Series All Episodes In Hindi 720p HD

Free Download Haq Se Web Series All Episodes In Hindi 720p HD

Free Download Haq Se Web Series All Episodes In Hindi 720p HD

Free Download Haq Se Web Series All Episodes In Hindi 720p HD

Free Download Haq Se Web Series All Episodes In Hindi 720p HD

Free Download Haq Se Web Series All Episodes In Hindi 720p HD

Free Download Haq Se Web Series All Episodes In Hindi 720p HD

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